When you find water damage, whether it is in your home or business, one of the worst possible things you can do is to ignore the damage or wait for things to get worse. When you do this you are allowing the water damage to slowly erode and damage the structural integrity of the building. In fact, one single day of waiting can lead to a 75% rise in losses. That is a tremendous amount. This is why you need to call in professionals to assess and alleviate the damage. WeDryMiami is standing by to take your call!

WeDryMiami is open 24/7, 365. We will arrive at the site in less than an hour after we have been contacted. The sooner you alert us to your problem the sooner we can begin saving you time and money on further repairs. We will assess the level of water damage and how much needs to be done in order to get your home or business back to top shape. Call us at 844.868.4765 or 305.705.6174 to tell us about your water damage problems!

Does My Insurance Cover Water Damage?

One of the biggest reasons why some people are hesitant to call water damage professionals is because they believe that their insurance does not cover the damages and they are afraid to spend that kind of money. First of all, you will spend more money in the long run trying to wait the water damage out. It will only get worse.

Second of all, you will be happy to know that many insurance providers cover the cost of the restoration, minus the deductible. If it makes you feel better you will be happy to know that your insurance provider will actually be relieved that you chose to call in a professional as that saves your insurance provider money in the long run.

The Aftermath Is Worse Than the Initial Damage

When your home or business is hit by a storm or a pipe bursts, you may think that the initial damage done is what you have to worry about. The truth is that the real damage is only done after the moisture has set in. When moisture gets locked into the structural foundation of a building all sorts of nasty things start to develop. First of all, your building’s structure becomes compromised due to it becoming water logged and because of the development of corrosive mold. Second of all, that mold can release nasty, toxic spores that could get members of your family or co-workers sick, or worse killed.

While this may sound like terrible news, there is a small silver lining. We can get started with cleanup the same day or as soon as it’s safe to enter the structure. Time is very important in a situation with extensive damage and having professionals like WeDryMiami can make the difference between an inconvenient situation and an irreparable one. Traditional structural drying methods take time which can lead to much more damage in the future. We’re better than that and use methods that provide better results than the traditional ones.

Our Techniques Get The Drying Done Faster

Speed is everything and our methods are all geared towards speeding up the drying process so as to minimize the damage and fix the problems fast. We start fast, we work fast, and we use methods that are both better and faster.

Humidity Is The Enemy

While the water can seem like the biggest problem, humidity is a close second,. The humidity can cause secondary structural damage to the structure but it can also ruin everything inside. That’s why we also put a large part of our focus on humidity control and getting the temperatures under control. We care about both the structure and it’s contents so we’ll do everything we can to save both.

How Our Methods Are Better

The traditional way of drying structural damage usually involves setting up large industrial dehumidifiers to try and pull the water out of the air. Fans are also used by placing close to the structure’s walls in an attempt to speed drying. While these methods still work well for a number of smaller structural damage cases, controlled high heat is almost always preferable for how much quicker it can do the same job. We can not over emphasize how precious time is after water damage has happened.

The difference between the traditional way of doing things and using controlled high heat is that our method is used only in the affected areas which can often mean that your business or home can still be used in the unaffected areas. The temperature is also kept under 100 degrees to help keep your belongings inside the structure free of any more damage. These methods are not only faster and more efficient, they are also quieter. The old traditional method could shut down your business from the noise alone! Our method will get the job done well with the least amount of interference possible.

Why Are We The Best Choice For Your Job?

Our technicians are certified, licensed, fully insured, and thoroughly trained. They respond fast, work hard, and can do the best job in putting this entire ordeal behind you. Our extensive expertise means that we’ll be able to identify your damage quickly, fix the problems safely, and return your home or business back to normal in the least amount of time possible. We’ve been in the business for a long time and know that our high technology methods are the answer to your structural damage issues. Based in Orlando, Florida you can give us a call at 800.220.6903 or 407.218.5862 for an immediate expert response to your damaged property.