If you think that sewage backup is little more than an inconvenience that you can get rid of with a toilet plunger, then you are sadly mistaken. If you were to test the contents of raw sewage you would find that it is absolutely full of parasites, fungus, and pathogenic bacteria.

Children and Pets Are Particularly Vulnerable

One of the most wonderful things about young children is their boundless curiosity. However, that curiosity that lead to sickness if they come into contact with sewage backup. The same thing can be said for any pets you have in your home. Your children and pets are far more susceptible to the previously mentioned bacteria. Pets are even more likely to develop problems as they have no inhibitions towards licking themselves and tracking the sewage across your floors. This could lead to a health disaster.

Leave Sewage Backup Problems To Professionals

It cannot be stressed enough that sewage backup removal is something that needs to be left to professionals. The bacteria and sickness that can come about from exposure to sewage can last for years on end. In other words, sewage removal is not something that needs to be treated like a DIY project. Raw sewage can cause serious structural damage to your home, along with potential mold.

The best way to ensure that the sewage is removed properly and safely is to have it done by professionals. Not only will the job be done properly, it will be done in a manner that returns your home or business back to exactly the way it was.

Why Choose We Dry Miami?

At We Dry Miami we understand just how critical removing the sewage from your home or business can be. This is why our policy is to make ourselves available 24/7, 365 days a year. We make a point of arriving on the scene within an hour of your call to us. Our specialists have top of the line equipment that will guarantee a high quality cleaning. More important than our equipment is the people who are using. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that your home or business is returned to normal in a fast and effective manner.

We have done thousands of sewage removal jobs, so we believe that our immaculate track record speaks for itself. There is no job too big or small, so don’t waste time! Give us a call today!

Your Home Owner's Insurance Probably Covers Costs

There are many people who will sit through a sewage backup problem thinking they can handle it themselves. They do this because they believe that it would be too expensive to call us. The truth is that you will spend far more money on trying to fix extensive damage that was done by waiting around than you would by calling us. The truth is that if you have home owner’s insurance the costs of calling us are probably covered.

If you have particular items that you wish to have cleaned but are worried that they are beyond repair then keep a log of the items. Let us go through the log and advise you on whether or not something is worth trying to save. Do not throw something away if there is a chance that it can be salvaged or restored entirely.

If you have wooden furniture or electrical appliances that are damaged then we can even salvage those. So long as your appliance was not shorted out by the moisture, there is a high probability we can save it. As for wooden furniture, we can disinfect it to the point of being completely safe to be around again. We can even run the disinfecting process on the walls, floors, ceilings, and baseboards of your home.