One of the most devastating things a home owner can experience is a fire. The fire itself may be dangerous and frightening but the aftermath can be downright horrifying. No one wants to deal with the clean up of all of their belongings after the stress of a fire. That’s why we here at We Dry Miami are here for you. Let us walk you through the first steps of building your home back to where it was.

Call The Experts

We can not under talk how important it is to call a professional to help you deal with the damage after a fire. Not only can your home now be structurally damaged but the soot and smoke that is left over is potentially hazardous to your health. Letting professionals guide you through the damage and take stock can be one of the biggest reliefs. We Dry Miami has years of experience with exactly this situation. All of the equipment, expertise, and training that we have will be put to work helping you navigate through the aftermath of the fire and guide you through the next steps of recovery.

The last thing anyone wants is to suffer through a devastating fire and then have a stranger in their home who doesn’t understand how precious all of your things are. Our professional technicians will know to handle all of your belongings with care and handle the restoration process so that your items can be cleaned of any remaining soot, odors, and bacteria.

Fires take no favorites and when one wrecks your home it can be an expensive process to clean up after. Calling professional may seem like an expensive deal up front but in the long run it will save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Trying to diy repairs can be both dangerous and cause more problems. Let our seasoned professionals deal with all of it for you in a timely and proficient manner.

The Cleanup

Cleaning after a fire takes special care and equipment. It also needs a good deal of training in how to properly go about it. Our technicians are licensed to do exactly that. From removing the debris to deodorizing your furniture, we can do it all and have your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Caring For Your Home

It goes without saying that your belongings are not the only thing needing a cleaning after a fire. Your entire home will need to be cleaned before you can return. The first part of the process is the removal of any and all debris that remains. Not only will clearing out the debris give our experts room to work, it can also prevent any remaining soot from scattering throughout your home and making things worse.

If the fire was a kitchen fire then there must be additional steps taken to ensure that the kitchen is clean. This is because your kitchen is the storage point for your family’s food. Everything will be cleaned and thoroughly sterilized. Items will even be replaced if need be. We will ensure that your entire kitchen is back to normal.

Getting Rid of Odor

One thing that many people will forget to take into account after a fire is that of the odor that is left behind. We will put your home through an entire deodorization process. This will help your house smell like a home again. This step is saved for after the damage and soot are removed in order to ensure that the smell is completely eliminated.

Time To Disinfect

After your home has been cleaned from top to bottom it is time for the disinfection stage. This process utilizes chemical cleaning agents that will sterilize your home and kill any remaining bacteria or mold. This process involves use of a disinfecting fog which is 99% effective at removing any unwanted biological hazards in your home. Best of all is the fact that this process only takes a few hours, so you will be back in your home sooner rather than later.