One service that we pride ourselves on is packing out and packing back the contents of your home or business. We will ensure that your furniture, appliances, photographs, and any other items in your home or business are carefully removed and put in a safe place while we begin the restoration process.

A lot of the time it can be quite obvious when damage has been done to your belongings, but there are times when it is not so obvious. Water damage via moisture, mold, or mildew can be very subtle and hard to detect. The damage can still be massive. This is one of the most prominent ways that photographs and vintage items can become damaged.

When we begin the pack-out process we will photograph and log all of the contents of your home. This will ensure that your items are not lost and in the relocation. This means that your items will be returned to you in the same condition as when they were moved and placed back where they belong.

In order for us to relocate the contents of your home or business you will need to sign an authorization form. We will also give you a pack-out inventory sheet. This sheet will contain a list of all of the contents of the home or business.

You can also let us know what items from your home you need to take with you. Whether it is medication, valuables, personal effects, it dos not matter. So long as you have it sorted before you leave, you can take it with you.

We will need you to also make the call in regards to what items need to be replaced and what items need to be restored. This is a very important step, especially as it pertains to items such as antiques, photographs, and documents.

What Will We Do?

One of the biggest things we’ll do is coordinate with your insurance claims representatives to help take some of the burden off of you. You’ve gone through enough already and this is just one small thing we can do to help you transition better.

Extensive photography will be done of everything we move both before it is moved and after it is placed back. This means you’ll know if something was returned in a condition worse than it was before so you can have it fixed.

We will sort through and separate items that won’t be packed out from ones that will not be restored.

A strict inventory of what will be moved will be taken and shown to you before we move anything.

Furniture and other items will be taken for a thorough cleaning, deodorization, and then restored.

Once everything is completely restored we will arrange for the return of your things. We will extensively study the inventory photographs so that our trained technicians can be sure to place everything in it’s proper spot.

Upon the return of all of your things you’ll also receive a printed copy of your entire inventory to better account for everything.