If you were to create a top ten list of the worst possible items to receive water damage then any kind of carpet is going to rank pretty high on that list. When moisture is introduced to a carpet it creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive. This is because carpets tend to lock in moisture and mold loves to be in a warm, moist environment. Not only is mold terrible for both yourself and the people in your home, it can actually lead to structural damage in the wooden foundation of the building thanks to the spores that travel through the air after the mold has set up shop.

Cleanup & Drying

If your carpet has recently been soaked in liquid and you are concerned about it becoming a breeding ground for mold, the first thing you need to do is soak up the excess water. This will pull out the majority of the water in your carpet. Then you need to need to shampoo your carpet quickly, depending on the nature of what was spilled on the carpet. After that you need to put fans to the carpet and let the air dry out the area.

Carpet Removal

After you have cleaned and dried the carpet you should completely remove it so you can assess whether or not there are still any traces of mold. You want to take a look at the wood that is normally beneath the carpet and see if there are any traces of mold on it. Mold on the wooden foundation means that there is potential water damage in the wood. That can lead to corrosion which is extremely dangerous and very expensive to fix.

Restoring Your Carpet

After you have removed your carpet and inspected for mold you need to give it an additional cleaning. Be sure to use mold eliminating treatments to ensure that all traces are wiped out. Let the carpet dry and then steam clean it in order to remove any lingering stains. After being cleaned the carpet should go through a deodorization treatment which will remove any lingering smells the carpet had. Once all this is done the carpet is ready to be laid back into your home.

Turn To The Experts

If you want to ensure that your carpet is properly remedied of all mold then you can count on We Dry Miami. We strive to deliver maximum quality service thanks to our years of experience. We will ensure that your carpet is completely and totally mold free before it gets put back into your home.